CARONA FILES: Commentary of the Day

Yesterday was a day full of media reports about Mike Carona, his indictment and arraignment in federal court.

While we were waiting for the attorneys to show up and tells us what had happened inside the court room we did get our share of entertainment, For me the most entertaining part was the appearance of Wylie Drake, the Baptist Pastor from Buena Park who always seems to get his foot stuck in something.  I think I have a pretty good idea where he wants to stick his foot when it comes to Mike Carona.

“Praise the Lord, I told you guys the guy was a crook,” Drake bellowed as he approached. “This is not just a trial about Carona, it’s a trial about the integrity of the justice system in Orange County.”

Drake told us the story of his application for a concealed weapons permit from the Sheriff.  He went down to the Sheriff’s office, filled out all the required paperwork, explained the since both he and his wile had been assaulted and robbed that he felt the need to have a concealed weapon permit for a gun.

To his surprise, Drake, was denied the requested permit.  He was told that although he met all requirements, the Sheriff’s department did not see the need for him to have a permit.

Later he was pulled aside by a staffer who suggested the he may not know how the process works.  Drake claims the staffer told him that in order to receive approval for the permit all he would need to do is make a contribution of between $1,000 and $2,000 to Carona’s campaign committee and ask for reconsideration.

This of course is only Wylie’s side of the story. This is the guy who asked is congregation to pray for the death of his critics in August of this year. So some might suggest I should consider the source. I have, and even if his story is complete fiction, it has a level of entertainment value that I cannot resist.

But my favorite comment from yesterday was in response to our live coverage of events at the courthouse.  Dan C had observed earlier that FLASHREPORT was ignoring Sheriff Carona’s indictment completely.  Which didn’t surprise us since Jon Fleischman has returned to the Sheriff’s side as an advisor selecting who gets to talk with the Sheriff and even telling reporters what questions they cannot ask. (I wonder if this would outrage Martin Wisckol as much as the Edwards campaign asking what questions he planned to ask of Elizabeth Edwards, but I digress.)

The Truth, on October 31st, 2007 at 4:21 pm Said:

I wish you folks would stop reporting on this so-called “indictment” of Mike Carona.

Simply, as an avid Flashreport reader, I know of no such indictment against the greatest sheriff serving anywhere in America. The Liberal OC must be mistaken.

Had an indictment and an arraignment ocurred, I am sure Fleischman would be reporting it. Otherwise, his blog would lose credibility as a news source.

I am sure you folks are sorry for your error in reporting something that has not happened.

What will you liberal liars think of next?

Sometimes The Truth really is stranger than fiction. 🙂