BREAKING: Wildfire Breaks Out in Santiago Canyon, Approaches Tustin

“Everybody is on status quo right now, trying to figure out if it really a danger or not,” said [Janeen] Etter, a 7-year resident of the [Somerton] Irvine neighborhood near Portola Parkway. “Who knows what to expect with the wind.”

Right now, from what I’m seeing at The Register, it seems like the OC Fire Authority is expecting continued problems from this wildfire. The fire broke out at about 6:00 PM near Irvine Lake, and the nearby 241 Toll Road has been closed between Chapman and the 133 ever since. So far no homes have been damaged, but there is a voluntary evacuation underway in the Northwood community of Irvine.

Fortunately, the fire has been put to a halt on the Irvine end of it. However, the OC Fire Authority
is now concerned about the threat this wildfire poses to nearby Tustin. Especially now, they’re concerned that burning embers from the fire might blow over the 261 Tollroad and approach the houses in the Tustin Ranch, Cowan Heights and Lemon Heights areas of Greater Tustin.

As this story continues to develop and as this wildfire continues to pose a threat to Tustin and Irvine, stay tuned here at The Liberal OC for updates. We’ll keep an eye on the fire, and we’ll continue to post updates as the danger remains. And for all the members of our LibOC community in Tustin and North Irvine, we hope you’re safe and we hope that the fire will be completely contained soon.

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  1. Maya
    October 22, 2007 at 1:58 am

    I live in Tustin Ranch, right near the Irvine border. Any word yet if there are voluntary evacuations going to take place overnight in my area? Thanks.

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