Lou Correa Does Some Good on Health Care, Lobbies for SCHIP

Yes, believe it or not, Lou Correa does good work for his constituents in Orange County. And apparently this week, he did something particularly good. He lobbied our Congresscritters in DC to override Bush’s veto of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Yep, Lou did his part to persuade Congress to allow working families to have health care for their kids.

Here’s what I saw at Orange Juice:


Sacramento Senator Lou Correa yesterday asked the Orange County Congressional Delegation to support a bill under consideration by the US House of Representatives that would extend a program which provides health insurance to over 200,000 people in Orange County. […] Senator Correa strongly urged the Orange County Congressional Delegation to vote to override the Presidents veto of this critical legislation. In support of the bill Senator Correa said, failure to override the President’s veto on this legislation would be a setback to our ongoing efforts to cover the remaining 800,000 uninsured children, tens of thousands of those right here in Orange County, many of whom are already eligible for the Healthy Families program. Since 2002, California has spent its entire federal allocation for this program, and is likely to overspend its 2007 allotment by approximately $275 million. Previous accumulated surpluses will soon be exhausted making it critical that additional new federal funds be committed to the program. 

Well, at least Lou got something right this time. Working families should be able to access health care for their kids. Now if only Lou Correa can also work here in California to expand access to affordable health care for working Californians, he would be doing even more to solve our health care crisis.

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  1. Melissa
    October 22, 2007 at 9:30 am

    Yes Andrew. Believe it or not, Lou Correa DOES care about your health. You are really naive when it comes to the Senator. I wish you would stop listening to all the haters and really take a look at who this man is. Instead of bashing him, you should investigate why he is making these decisions. It wuld benefit you to form your own rationale opinions instead of drinking the “Joe Dunn” kool-aid. The Democratic Party is an umbrella organization. I wish you would accept us moderates with our own set of opinions instead of putting us down because we don’t agree with you.

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