Six Years Later, The Peace Activists Are Still at Bristol & Anton

Hey, you! Yes, you! Have you ever protested on a Friday night at the corner of Bristol and Anton, near South Coast Plaza? I’m sure you have. It’s been there for six years. And this Friday, the ever faithful South Coast Plaza protesters will be celebrating their SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY ON THE SAME CORNER EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AGAINST THE WARS.

[On Friday] October 19th, our six year anniversary of continuous protesting against the
wars in Afghanistan & Iraq.The Costa Mesa Police Dept has ordered us to remove our flags. There will be food & refreshments. Bring a snack, a friend & a sign. Bring your dogs. Enjoy a great & friendly group of KPFK listeners and Orange County peace and antiwar progressive folks.

Chuck Anderson & Mike Mang, Orange County KPFK 90.7
Support Group

So will you be there for the historic occasion? From 5-7 PM, go to the corner of Bristol and Anton, across from South Coast Plaza and in front of Scott’s Seafood Restaurant. Oh yes, and try to park away from Bristol if you have bumper stickers.

Wow, can you believe it’s been six years since this whole “War on Terror” debacle began, and we’ve been heading toward police state? Can you believe that in six years, Bush has gone to war in Afghanistan, missed an opportunity to catch Bin Laden, put in place the (UN)PATRIOT Act, ripped apart our Constitutional rights… Oh yes, and he threw us into this horrid occupation of Iraq.
Oh, what happened to our great nation? Well, at least there’s hope now. We can put all of this to an end, and we can begin by taking action here in the community.

Hope to see you at 5:00 tomorrow at Bristol and Anton.

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  1. October 18, 2007 at 6:31 pm

    6 Years Already!

    Oh but wait, the Jarheads and the Flag-waivers said that this would only take a weekend.

    Gee Whiz!

    What happened?

    My name is Dave Harvey and my Antispam word was Obama!

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