It’s OUR Health Care, So We Need to Take Action

Last weekend, our fine Governor vetoed legislation that would have given us a chance to truly begin reforming our broken health care system. The State Legislature tried to expand access to affordable health care and control costs for consumers, but our lovely Governator wants none of that. He’d rather just force all of us to buy our own health insurance, whether or not we can actually afford it.

OK, do you see a problem with this? I do. Arnold claims to be “The People’s Governor”, but he doesn’t really want to do what the people want. Californians want affordable health care, but the Governor hasn’t been all that willing to take some real steps to make that happen. There must be something that we can do to get his attention. There must be something that we can do to take action.

Oh wait, why don’t we attend the vigil outside the Governor’s office being put together by It’s OUR Healthcare? The vigil outside Arnold’s LA office starts today at noon and continues through Friday. And tomorrow, there will be a carpool for Orange County health care activists to the LA vigil that will leave at 10:30 tomorrow morning. If you’re interested, please send an email to

OK, so you can’t make the vigil today or tomorrow? No problem! You can still send a message to Arnold by sending a videogram to him? We need to keep the pressure on the Governor to support real health care reform that provides real affordability and real relief for real working people. Can you help send that message?

If we don’t make our voices heard, we won’t get our message out. Let’s get that message out. Check out It’s OUR Healthcare’s web site to see how to help.