Orange County Young Democrats Endorse the Community College Initiative


On Thursday the Orange County Young Democrats voted to support a ballot initiative that would provide more Californians the opportunity to earn an education. From the press release:

The Orange County Young Democrats have voted to endorse yes on the Community College Initiative.

The Community College Initiative is a statewide measure which will appear on the ballot for the presidential primary election on February 5, 2008.

The Community College Initiative will seek to improve education opportunities by providing adequate levels of funding for California’s community colleges, with funding to increase as the student population at community colleges increase. The initiative would also set low community college fees and place limits on how much they can be raised. The initiatives would also set up independent community college districts and a board of governors. These reforms come at a time when students face rising tuition and fees at both public and private colleges throughout California.

“This initiative would lead to more young people being able to afford higher education,” said Jason Bensley, Chair of the Orange County Young Democrats. “Investments in our youth will pay dividends in our future. With a more educated workforce, California can lead the way technologically well into the 21st century”

To read more about the Community College Initiative go to the FACCC website.

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