What Do YOU Think About the Newly Approved Great Park Master Plan?

“This plan is bringing together a sense of nature, a sense of recreation and also a real sense of renewal,” [Great Park] board member Michael Pinto said.

That’s what Mr. Pinto told The Register yesterday as the Great Park Board approved the master plan for the park. The plan now includes a wildlife corridor, cultural terrace, sports park and canyon, while leaving out an amphitheater that some hoped would be a part of the park.

So what do YOU think about the newly approved master plan for the Great Park? Designers say they included what they did because they wanted the park to be as environmentally sensitive as possible. But still, are you a little peeved that the amphitheater isn’t part of the master plan? Or are you glad to see a canyon, a wildlife corridor, and a cultural terrace? Is the Great Park so far meeting your expectations, or is this not what you were thinking the park would become?

I want to hear what YOU have to say about the Great Park and the new master plan, so go ahead and have your say. Does it look like the park will eventually be something that Orange County will be proud of? Does the park look like something that most of us in Orange County will actually want to use? Think about it, and say what’s on your mind.

Go ahead. Make my day. Fire away! 🙂

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  1. Ron
    September 29, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    Hey Andrew, have the new plans been put online yet? I’d like to look at them; it’s been a long time since I looked at even the old plans. I’m interested in seeing the dates for the various phases. I work and ride in the area and I’m sure it’ll affect traffic but the park will be a welcome addition and will be far better than an airport.

    Funny, from the perspective of the win of the Great Park over the airport it now seems clear that the park will be better for home values than an airport would’ve been.

    I remember many people who voted for the airport thought that it would increase house prices. When ever I asked “how” all I ever got was blank stares but they never did figure out they were being manipulated into believing that.

    I’m a bit disappointed that they’re now leaving out the amphitheater but hopefully it can be put in later.

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