The LA Times Chimes in on Obama OC’s Trip to Vegas

It’s not that often that The LA Times actually pays attention to what we’re doing in Orange County, so when I saw this in The LA Times, I just had to stop in my tracks. It was fantastic enough that Obama OC was able to plan another road trip to Las Vegas, and it was great that we were able to help out by canvassing neighborhoods and helping out at the office. But wow, now The LA Times is paying attention!

But really, I know that the media attention on my friends at Obama OC doesn’t ultimately matter. What amazes me is how what was once a ragtag group of concerned citizens that took up Barack Obama’s offer to start making the change we want to see happen has now become a true positive force for change. I never would have dreamed of this back in February, when this all got started.

So go ahead and check out thatThe LA Times story. Just remember what it took for all of this to happen, and consider joining us at Obama OC soon to find out how you can make change with Obama here in Orange County. You may or may not be covered by a major newspaper, but you will be joining a campaign committed to hope, action, and change. 🙂