Blogger’s Influence on Politics

From Crooks & Liars today we have this from Nicole Belle:

Welcome to the big time, bloggers. According to Chris Matthews–taking cues from Bush, natch–we’re in charge of the Democratic Party. Andrew Sullivan and John Heilemann ratchet down Tweety’s hyperbole.

SULLIVAN: I wish he (Bush) just had as much focus on winning the war in Iraq that he has on winning the war against the Democrats.  I can’t believe that in a moment of this war–which is in a pivotal point–that he’s playing Rove’s partisan politics…

This clip is very much an interesting example of media trying to further narratives that their own talking points belie.  Matthews asserts that Democratic bloggers are in charge, but goes to his panel who unanimously say that the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate would not be responsive to bloggers.  He calls MoveOn’s anti-war efforts (and let’s be clear, they are anti-Iraq occupation, not reflexively anti-war in general)  indicative of the far left and turns around and immediately agrees with Sullivan that 80% of the population are anti-war now…80% of the population being far left is one hell of a strange bell curve, Tweety.