Exactly what part of “NOT LIKELY TO PREVAIL” isn’t clear?

Last week the Orange County Board of Supervisors received the independent review of Supervisor Moorlach’s challenge to the Deputy Pension benefit increases granted in 2002.  The report, requested by Fifth District Supervisor Patricia Bates, cast serious doubt on the likelihood of success of Moorlach’s proposal.

If you ask for a second independent opinion, and that opinion doesn’t support the first one, a reasonable person would expect one of two things to happen.  Either you don’t move forward, or you ask for a third opinion.  Well reason is not a factor of consideration for the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Since it isn’t their money anyway, they chose to move forward and hire a law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, to pursue Moorlach’s Folly.  Mario Mainero, Supervisor John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff is quoted in the Orange County Register today saying; the law firms interviewed by the county thought the proposal was good and “They all thought we had a pretty darn good chance.”

Of course they did, they will make a fortune off of the taxpayers of Orange County regardless as to the success of the legal challenge.  Is there another opinion from a law firm bidding to represent the County that would be expected?

I haven’t yet found out how much this fools errand of John Moorlach, now fully supported by the lemmings of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, is likely to cost.  But it will probably amount to more than $1 million dollars.  If the County loses, then the taxpayers are likely to be required to pay the legal costs of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriff’s as well.

If I didn’t find their decision to move forward so sad, the hypocrisy would be hillarious. On the one hand these five “conservative” Republicans claim to be trying to protect the taxpayer, yet on the other they ignore the warning signs that they are stepping onto a doomed flight.

Circus Circus Casino - Las VegasI wonder if they would have made the same decision if the costs were coming directly out of their own pockets. The odds of winning big in Las Vegas are better than the odds of Moorlach’s Folly succeding in court. So to the Board of Supervisors, our friends at the Lincoln Club, and Reed Royalty over at the Orange County Taxpayer’s Association I’ve got a question for all of you. 

Why don’t we turn Moorlach’s boy Chriss Street loose with a million bucks in Las Vegas and see if he can win the few hundred million dollars you’re looking for? 

  2 comments for “Exactly what part of “NOT LIKELY TO PREVAIL” isn’t clear?

  1. Andrew Davey
    September 19, 2007 at 9:01 am

    Silly Supes! They seem to LOVE SPENDING OUR TAX DOLLARS on stupid s*** like deluxe luxury furniture for their offices, pay raises for themselves, and a campaign office “county services office” to help a certain Supe facing a tough reelection effort next year. However when it comes to truly important county business like compensating those deputy sheriffs that keep our county safe, they can’t agree to what the Board already agreed to several years ago. What a joke. THEY ALL NEED TO GO. I won’t be voting for Janet Nguyen next year, and I hope someone challenges Bill Campbell next year. And in 2010, “Nessy” Moorlach had better watch out… I don’t think OC voters here are willing to take any more crap from him.

  2. Gidy vizquez
    September 20, 2007 at 9:45 pm

    Mooerlach and the weak powerless Lincoln club sycophants continue on in destroying employes morale and wasting funds on nothing….not to mention promise breaking. What happened to the moral in moral majority?

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