Wishful Thinking….

In the Register this morning, Marty Wisckol’s column about the Erwin Chemerinsky/UCI developments warranted a headline, “A Good Liberal is Good to Find.”

But over at Red County, Marty’s story leads Matt Cunningham’s morning roundup with this headline:

Red County/OC Blog News Roundup — September 17, 2007

Today’s top stories from behind the Orange Curtain:Martin Wisckol’s The Buzz: A Good Liberal Is Hard To Find — OCR
Martin on the Chemerinsky affair.

First off, in the flurry of firing off a fast missive, we all use the wrong words from time to time. “Guilty as charged, your honor.” I believe Matt meant to type in “Good” but typed “hard” instead. I’ll call this a “wishful thinking” typo.

Still, this one made me grin.