What Do YOU Think: RIP CA GOP?

Ever since Arnold the Governator gave his controversial speech to the California Republican Party Convention in Indian Wells last week, we’ve all been talking about whether or not the GOP is truly “dying at the box office” in this state. GOP Nutcase “Firebrand” Tom McClintock vigorously disagrees, as he just blames all GOP woes on GOP politicians like Arnold who compromise those “GOP values”. But while Tom McClintock talks about reviving the GOP, his own Senate seat is at risk of turning Democratic next year. Basically, the California GOP has become a nasty train wreck, and we’re all just gawking at the huge disaster on the train tracks.

So what do YOU think about the GOP’s latest woes? Have some GOP politicians (like Arnold) just lost their moral compass? Or has the GOP (like Arnold said) just lost touch with most California voters with all that far-right nonsense? Can the Republicans make a comeback soon in the Golden State, or will they only lose more Legislature seats next year?

I want to hear what YOU have to say about the recent woes of California Republicans, so go ahead and tell me what’s on your mind. Do they need to fight harder for those “conservative values”, or do they need to accept the will of most Californians on social and environmental issues? Why is the GOP in trouble, and what can they do to get out of it?

Go ahead. Make my day. Fire away, and have your say! 🙂