Steel Magnolias

Hillary Clinton called it a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Conservatives call it “message discipline.” Others call it the “right-wing noise machine.” Here at we call it “crap.” And from time to time, we will bring their swill to you in our forum called…

Shawn, can I call you Shawn? No, OK, Mr. Steel.  I read with great interest your post on Flash Report about how the “Leftist Hate America” crowd was smacked down by the SF State Young Republicans.

This quote was a grabber: Those College Reps are a serious thorn in the belly of the Leftist, Hate America crowd. Have a look at yesterday’s 9/11 commemoration video (below) on campus. And see which loonies show up…and yes you will always find a local tenured professor beating the drums for America’s enemies. Wolf wisely teamed up with the College Dems to have a non-political 9/11 Memorial. But the other side of the democrats turned out also.

“Thorn in the belly?” OK, I still don’t get that.

And I even watched the almost-too-well-produced YouTube video.  But how do you know that the “other side of the democrats” turned out?  They protesters are identified as communists  in the video. And the local tenured professor truthfully said George W. Bush used the deaths of Americans on 9/11 as a lead in to war. How many times must you hear the President tells us not to forget the lessons of September the 11th?

So back to my question.  What drug does one take to be so completely and partisanly divorced from reality that any dissent from the conservative Republican mantra to warrant the misconceptions and misperceptions you spew forth on Jon’s pages ever so regularly?  Maybe its a special drink.  Because reading your stuff makes one, (ok, Moi) believe you think there are only two parties in the world — the Republican Party and the Communist Party.

You guys cannot keep politicizing 9/11 to the end of time.  But I understand it’s all you have left.

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