Michael Drake’s Statement


UCI Chancellor Michael Drake issued a statement that you can read here regarding the hiring and firing of Erwin Chemerinsky (the well-known constitutional law scholar at Duke) for the position of inaugural Dean of the new law school at UCI. 

Chemerinsky was fired for being “too liberal.”

Drake’s statement was a clear attempt to say nothing and just hope that the public would move on and forget about this incident.

Now more and more people are picking up on this story, and this story isn’t looking good for UCI. Brian Leiter runs a law school blog and had this to say: “These guys just declared, before the school opened, that UC Irvine Law will never be a serious academic institution.”

Some other sources reporting on this story:

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  1. demmother
    September 13, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    One of Drake’s excuses was he could not get the appointment past the regents. Since most are Davis/Arnold appointees – that is hard to imagine.

    Like Dana Parsons, I tend to think that Donald Bren is happy with his name on the building (it will outlast any Dean (or Chancellor)

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