Governor Chides GOP to Change: Flash Report will have none of it

The myth is elephants never forget; perhaps we can add and they don’t change their stripes easily either.

The Governor addressed the GOP convention at Indian Wells last night and equated the Calfornia GOP to a box office flop; people (voters) leaving the theater and loads of empty seats.  What a surprise.  Here’s the story from the LA Times (I couldn’t find it in the Register).

Jon Flieschman, predictably, couldn’t disagree more. 

From the Times story, this gem of a paragraph: 

Cautioning against an incipient “bunker mentality,” he urged the party to follow the lead of Democrats and invite independents to vote in primaries. Otherwise, he said in a clear reference to the summer’s prolonged budget standoff, the party will deteriorate to such an extent that “our only remaining power is to say no.”

Think of all the bills, initiatives, budgets that Flash has urged NO on; hate to give the governor any credit here, but he’s right on this (not the the Gay Marriage bill he is about to veto).  The GOP is the party of NO.  Its the party of change only to the benefit of the far right.  Its the party of intolerance to any point of view other than its own. 

Every Republican I talk to is cocksure that just getting back to their core principles is what will return them to glory; but Republican core principles are not what the majority of Californians support.

I just wonder how much of a hint the Governor needs to give Fleischman and the Flash Moonbats that the divorce is final before they actually get it?

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  1. Aunt Millie
    September 9, 2007 at 7:26 am

    Moderates and young people are increasingly seeing the Republican party as a group of reactionary ideologues, who don’t have any particular core principles, other than greed, self-righteousness, and a fundamentalist denial of science.

    It’s probably becoming most significant in the three joined issues of climate change, Peak Oil, and energy security, where many movement conservatives seem to be marching in lockstep away from the strongly-felt concerns of the majority of society. While ordinary Americans are looking for leadership, and asking what they can do, the mighty Wurlitzer of the hard right is in absolute denial, with cognitive dissonance forcing them into a cult-like bunker mentality.

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