Happy Labor Day!

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday today. I know I’m taking advantage of today to have a little time off! This is my last lazy summer day, so I’m enjoying the hot sun, pleasant breezes, and ginormous waves here at Crystal Cove.

Well, I guess we all deserve to take the day off today. After all, today is OUR holiday. There was a time in US History when workers didn’t have eight-hour workdays and overtime pay and family medical leave and paid holidays. I guess it would only be appropriate that we remember all our past and present union brothers and sisters that have fought so hard for all the rights and privileges that we, the workers of today, enjoy.

OK, I’d better get back to enjoying this hot, sunny, glorious day at the beach. Oh yes, and I’d better let you get back to having a nice day off. Let’s just remember why we have today off, and let’s remember who we should thank for not just the holiday today, but the protections that we workers have every day.