What Do YOU Think: Is The Register Right on the GOP Electoral Vote Grab?

It’s not that often that I agree with The Register’s editorial page, but today happens to be one of those special occasions. So what are we agreeing upon today? Apparently, we both don’t trust the GOP electoral vote grab that is the proposed initiative to split California’s electoral college votes by Congressional District.


A proposed change, which could be on next June’s ballot, in the way California’s votes are allocated in the presidential election might have a sheen of fairness, but it is nakedly partisan and profoundly subversive of our constitutional system. 

http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/f/f3/CA-districts-108.JPGWho is backing this initiative? Oh, only a Republican lawyer who has worked for Arnold the Governator. (And thank goodness Arnold actually isn’t falling for this crap!) And why are many GOPers here pushing for this initiative? Oh, they know that they’ll need to pull dirty tricks like this one to keep the White House in GOP hands for another four years.

OK, so The Register and I have had our say. Now what do YOU think about this proposed initiative to divvy up California’s Presidential electoral votes by Congressional District? Is this a “fair reform” that will make California competitive in Presidential Elections? Or is this just another GOP dirty trick to keep the White House next year? After all, if these GOPers truly care about “fair reform”, why aren’t they pushing for similar “reform” in GOP-leaning big states like Texas?

Go ahead. Make my day. Fire away! 🙂

  3 comments for “What Do YOU Think: Is The Register Right on the GOP Electoral Vote Grab?

  1. August 29, 2007 at 9:46 am

    Oh yes, and while we’re talking about the electoral vote grab, check out this linky!
    If you’re just as mad about this as I am and The Register is, then you should take action with the Courage Campaign to stop this.
    Oh yes, and is there any one here who’s willing to defend the GOP vote grab? Can any one refute the charges against the GOP? I’m all ears! 😉

  2. August 29, 2007 at 10:34 am

    I agree with the Register.

    I would agree with the initiative provided that
    1) All other states do likewise
    2) We perform redistricting here in California and have it done by a non-partisan group

  3. August 30, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    Hey Andrew,

    I notice that you made zero mention of the Democrats goofy plan to hand all the EC vote to the winner of the “national popular vote”

    I am neither defending it or attacking it, but I find it funny that some folks want the voters to make their voices heard on the Iraq referendum, but think the voters are too stupid to decide an issue such as this.

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