What Do YOU Think: Who Won This Morning’s Iowa Presidential Debate?

This morning, I turned on the teevee to watch the ABC Presidential Debate in Iowa. I turned on and tuned in, hoping to get a better idea of where our Democratic Candidates stand on the issues. So did that actually happen this morning? Well, not really.

Hillary Clinton talked about how she would handle nuclear weapons as President. Barack Obama talked about what “experience” really means. John Edwards talked trade policy. Oh yes, and everyone had to answer a question about prayer. All in all, it was another interesting debate.

So what do YOU think about today’s debate? Who stood out? Who got lost in the crowd? Who had the best one-liner? Who made the worst gaffe? And in the end, who came out looking the best after today’s debate?

I want to hear what you think today, so you know what to do. Go ahead. Make my day. Fire away! 🙂

  2 comments for “What Do YOU Think: Who Won This Morning’s Iowa Presidential Debate?

  1. yann123
    August 19, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    John Edwards.Hillary is too calculating.I have also done my homework on her. I will not vote for her…even if she is nominated…

  2. Charles Kuhn
    August 20, 2007 at 9:18 am

    Hiliary is way too calculating. Obama is learning. Edwards is sharp. Kucinich spoke the best speak. Biden and Dodd are kowledgable. Richardson was backed into a corner and acted like it. Gravel is hard core honest, but near rude with little diplomacy. All good choices. Who will lead with the ability to change? The million dollar question.

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