Right Place? Right Time? Diane Harkey Fundraiser?

As you all know by now, disgraced Dana Point Mayor Diane Harkey held a fundraiser for her Assembly campaign at the Ritz in Newport Beach, even though her campaign had told the OC Republican Party that they had moved the fundraiser to the Pacific Club. Apparently she was afraid of encountering her own constituents, so she had to hide from them. Is that something else, or what? Right… Right?

Wait, hold on a moment. How do we know that Diane Harkey actually had her fundraiser at the Ritz, and NOT at the Pacific Club? What evidence has the Harkey Campaign provided that proves that Thursday’s fundraiser was actually held at the Ritz? So far, all we have to see is Adam Probolsky’s rant at OC Blog, laughing at “how stupid” the recall activists are. But wait, Adam Probolsky admits that Diane Harkey is one of his clients. Oh yes, and he admits that Rep. John Campbell (R-Nothing There) was at the Pacific Club.

Oh wait, wasn’t John Campbell supposed to be the “special guest” at the Diane Harkey fundraiser? And if John Campbell were the “special guest”, wouldn’t he be at the actual location of the fundraiser? So which is it? Was John Campbell at the wrong location for the fundraiser, or was he not a “special enough guest” to stay at the Harkey fundraiser for very long? Something smells quite rotten in the State of Harkey, and I’m wondering what that rotten smell is.

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So which is it? Did the Harkey Campaign mislead everyone about the location of the fundraiser then? Or are they misleading everyone about the fundraiser now?

Think about it. Why would the OC Republican Party post wrong information about the Harkey fundraiser on their online event calendar? Why would “special guest” John Campbell be spotted at the Pacific Club if he was supposed to be at the Ritz for the fundraiser? And why wouldn’t Diane Harkey tell the Daily Pilot where she was holding her fundraiser? Either something went wrong with Harkey’s fundraiser at the Ritz, OR something went terribly wrong with Harkey’s fundraiser at the Pacific Club. And either way, the Harkey Campaign refuses to admit that something went wrong.

And either way, the Harkey Campaign proved once again that they lack a sense of ethics. Either they lied about the fundraiser then, or they are lying about the fundraiser now. Either they moved back to the Ritz because they were too afraid then to encounter some of Harkey’s disappointed and distressed constituents, or they are too afraid now to admit that there were more protesters outside the Pacific Club than there were Harkey donors inside the Pacific Club. Either they betrayed every one’s trust then, or they are betraying every one’s trust now.

So which is it? Maybe we won’t really know until October, when the Harkey Campaign will be obligated to release a campaign finance report detailing Harkey’s expenditures. And then she will have to come clean as to where this fundraiser was actually held, since she must report where they paid to hold the fundraiser. But still, we need not know where exactly Diane Harkey held this fundraiser to know that she has betrayed the trust of so many inside and outside of Dana Point.

All we need to do is look at Diane Harkey’s record of betraying the trust of her own city, and look at why so many Dana Point residents had had enough of her betraying them, and we know the real answer.

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  1. antony cooke
    August 18, 2007 at 11:35 am

    You said it, Andrew! These people want their cake and eat it too. The difference between them and us is that we don’t rely on duping our party machines to put out false information, hire pollsters, political spinmeisters and campaign consultants – or anyone else – to try to manipulate the voters.

  2. Andrew Davey
    August 18, 2007 at 11:39 am

    Yep, Tony! You’re totally right on that. Why does Diane Harkey feel obligated to deceive in order to win? Why must she deceive everyone about her record in that faux newsletter? Why must she deceive everyone about her fundraiser? And if she deceived everyone abotu these things, what else has she deceived everyone about.

    No matter what the truth is about this fundraiser, we already know that this is yet another example of Diane Harkey betraying the trust of her own voters. Sad.

  3. antony cooke
    August 18, 2007 at 11:47 am

    She seems to be averaging about one ethical fiasco a week, Andrew! What’s for next week?

  4. Andrew Davey
    August 18, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    I don’t know, I really don’t. But whatever new scandal it is, we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, Diane Harkey doesn’t seem to remember her ethics… So it’s easy for her to keep placing her foot in her mouth as she’s telling her constituents one thing and her sugar daddies “patrons” another. But I guess if she keeps putting that darned foot in her mouth, she’ll ultimately have NEITHER! 😉

  5. Dan Chmielewski
    August 18, 2007 at 1:28 pm

    who’s taking the picture?

  6. Andrew Davey
    August 18, 2007 at 2:01 pm


    The person taking the picture was tagging along with Shawn Fago. They introduced themselves to us as “bloggers” at this “MediaLizzie” site, and Shawn immdiately pulled out his recorder while this other guy got his camera out. Well, little did we know that these two were not out to “blog about the story” so much as try to make us all look like idiots. Well, they may think they’ve succeeded now…
    But I don’t think they’ll ultimately succeed in undermining the recall effort. Diane Harkey is in trouble, and I don’t think there’s much that her daughter’s ex-boyfriend and his photog friend can do to save her.

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