He’s about a year too early; and other Irvine musings

Sukhee Kang, Irvine City Council member, has been an extraonrdinarly effective public servant since his election to the City Council in 2004.  The Total Buzz is reporting that Kang has filed papers to announce his intention to run for Mayor in 2008.  We are about 10 months off the last election cycle and Beth Krom is nowhere near being a lameduck mayor. 

My guess here is Kang wants to get started raising enormous amounts of money to offset the huge chunk Republican candidates will get from the Lincoln Club and other credible Irvine/OC Republican organizations. 

I think Kang would be a great mayor; I just think he’s a year early in announcing.



Christina Shea is pitching a move by Wild Rivers to the Great Park.  I have given this considerable thought and I just don’t think Wild Rivers is a fit for the master plan for the park.  Wild Rivers is a worthy attraction for Orange County and it doesn’t have to relocate in Irvine.  I’d be more supportive of the Camp James relocation to the Great Park.  It seems more in tune with the overall usage of the Great Park than a water park.  I think the task is before Shea to justify why the Park would be the best location for Wild Rivers; all I can say is good luck with that.



A couple of days ago, Alan Bartlett of Powder Blue posted a recap of the Irvine Republican Council meeting in which Shea and fellow council member Steven Choi complained about the lack of respect and courtesy extended to them by the Irvine council majority (poor babies!). 

Shea, in particular, recalled an allegedly “profanity-laced” tirade against her by Mayor Beth Krom.  I still laugh of loud at this notion as I have never heard Krom utter such any profanities (does “golly” count?).  Shea is prone to playing the victim card whenever she can and I just don’t find her story very credible.

Personally, I think Krom is far too nice to Shea and Choi, considering Shea’s tendacity to leave threatening voice mails to staffers at city hall especially around election time and Choi’s seeming ignorance of Roberts Rule of Order (he recently stormed out of a Great Park board meeting for going way over his time and going off topic.  I guess Shea forgot about he column she and Choi wrote about the Grand Jury’s report on the governance of the Great Park Board and how they advocated for the County BoS to take control of the Park and misrepresented what Measure W was all about; they (Shea and Choi) were hardly nice or respectful to the council majority.  It’s all about the “Republicans can say anything they want and Democrats can’t” attitiude pervasive in OC politics.

Personally, I think its high time any of the Irvine Council majority dropped a few F-bombs at this pair.