Greenhut Gas: 8-15-2007

Steven (Jabbering Jabba) Greenhut has had a busy day today.  Obviously, I cannot let his commentaries go unnoticed, especially on such a warm day. I agree with Steven sometimes, and other times I do not.  Today we’ve had that mix, all contributing to global warming one word at a time.

Greenhut started the day on a high note pointing out the atrocities that are being committed, unfortunately by some of service men, as a result of our occupation of Iraq. Steven writes; “I am surprised at the lengths to which defenders of the Iraqi war will go to deny that American soldiers ever behave in an inhumane manner. In response to my column about Haditha and war crimes, I’ve heard from many angry callers and e-mailers who absolutely won’t accept that American soldiers would ever commit murder in a time of war.”

I agree with his conclusion; “It’s time to bring the troops home from this unconstitutional invasion of another country. It’s time for Americans to rethink this bipartisan foreign policy that views America as the world’s policeman.” the rest of his post Here.

Then Greenhut uses the response of a commenter on one of his posts to take another generalized swing at police officers as out of control, lying, abusers of their authority as peace officers. The post he cited was titled: “Did Buena Park PD lie about shooting?”  Yeah, that’s not a prejudicial title for a post.  Sorry Steven, your generalized attacks on peace officers are clearly an attempt to paint all law enforcement personnel with the same brush.  Not only is that an unfair characterization, it’s simply wrong.  What is worse Steven is that you know it’s wrong, but you continue on the same course of attack anyway.

Greenhut then follows with this gem attacking California Attorney General Jerry Brown by characterizing his insistence that cities and counties follow global warming restrictions, is an attack on the middle class and poor. Greenhut whines;

“The liberal elites who support such growth restrictions benefit, in that they can keep everyone else out. No wonder there is so much sprawl around Stockton and Modesto, as the selfish no-growthers wallow in self-satisfaction — and everyone else has to move into the hinterlands to afford a place to buy or even to rent. This is what it means if the Democrats get their way and Brown gets to impose these rules on every county.”

Steven’s comments are those of a one note Sally. Global warming is invented by the Democrats who use it to curb “free enterprise” which is bad since global-warming is a myth.

Then, he comes up with something that I agree with him on…

Weird, but the Capistrano Unified School District has finally taken a stand against former Superintendent James Fleming, who wanted taxpayers to pay his legal fees related to his indictment for creating an enemies list.  Fleming should pay his own way here, given the nature of the charges. He also was the best-paid superintendent in the county, earning nearly $300,000 a year. Maybe the board will get used to having a little backbone.

Then Steven goes off on Sheriff’s Blogger Ryan for his tongue-in-cheak story about the journalistic integrity of some of Greenhuts statements over the past several months. talk about your thin skin.  The least Greenhut could have done would have been to respond to Ryan’s comments himself.  Instead he uses the arguments of some blow-hard who tries to equate the legally required silence regarding police officer personnel records in a failed attempt to attach a gotcha to Ryan’s comments.  Please Steven, even you could have written a more realistic response than the one you chose.

Then Greenhut posts this (what I do believe to be the longest link I’ve ever seen): Garden Grove officials will fall for anything or anyone who promises economic development, so it’s no surprise to read this amazing story about the latest casino plan to hit River City. It links to a post on Red County/OCBlog regarding the tribe that proposes to build a casino in the Garden Grove resort district.  While I agree that the City should be wary of seriously pursuing a casino development plan with a tribe that hasn’t even received federal recognition, I think the concept is viable, and a reasonable option for a city on the border of Anaheim’s Resort.

Steven wraps with this;

I love this post and photograph from Claudio over at OrangeJuice! regarding the appointment of anti-illegal-immigration activist Harald Martin as trustee at the Anaheim Unified High School District. As Claudio notes, Martin blamed supporters of Aztlan for his opposition, neglecting that Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle and OCBlog Maestro Jubal, both Republicans, and me, a recovering Republican and libertarian, are among those non-lefties who oppose the Martin selection for various reasons. Hence, this great photo of the Three Amigos. (Photoshop in the hands of a prankster can be a dangerous thing.)

Well Steven, you’re right about that photoshop thing. 🙂

At this point my head hurts, probably whiplash from agreeing with Greenhut one minute and not the next. It is forecast to be another hot day on Thursday, looks like global warming is on the march, one word at a time.

  5 comments for “Greenhut Gas: 8-15-2007

  1. d'Anconia
    August 16, 2007 at 10:47 am


    “Obviously, I cannot let his commentaries go unnoticed, especially on such a warm day.”

    What is this? Another one of those “it’s hot outside today, it must be global warming!” alarmist statements?

  2. August 16, 2007 at 11:11 am

    Given the context in which I made the statement, I would call it tongue-in-cheek humor.

  3. d'Anconia
    August 16, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    Ok, I appreciate the clarification.

  4. Andrew Davey
    August 16, 2007 at 12:22 pm


    Is everything we say just that much over your head? Cheese louise, you’re so funny. 😉


    I know, ain’t it a kick in a head! Sometimes I feel the same way when I agree with Matt on something one minute, then disagree with him on something else the next minute. Crazy, ain’t it? 🙂

  5. Ken
    August 16, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    Jerry Brown is an ass. Give him a few more months and he will
    have Schwarzenegger running around like a dope on greenhouse grasses.

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