Two Items from the Sunday Papers

The Register carries an AP story about the Governor accusing Senate Republicans of using the budget stalemate to hold up his healthcare reforms. Ackerman, of course, denies this, but since when have Republicans been in favor of any healthcare reform?

The second story, from today’s LA Times, provides findings for a report being released tomorrow on dramatic improvement in the results achieved by California’s porest performing schools as ther result of an ACLU class action lawsuit three years ago. It required superintendents to closely monitor schools, the availability of textboks, and general repairs. The report’s sponsors found progress in all areas, even though some districtds are still performing below the state average. A high percentage of these schools have students who are English language learners and the fact that improvements in access to new textbooks is improving performance is encouraging. Especially in the face of those who disparage increases in education funding regularly.

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  1. Northcountystorm
    August 12, 2007 at 11:49 am

    Dan-Thanks for bringing up the LA Times article. Its more empirical evidence that increased funding for education pays dividends. it’s not an issue of “throwing money at the problem” as our Republican friends like to say when they want to cut the education budget(funny that they don’t think that way when looking at the defense budget). Money alone won’t solve our education problems but you can’t solve them without more money. The lawsuit brought in non-monetary requirements as well and combined with the additional resources there was progress in the poorest performing schools. Props to the litigants who helped make this happen.

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