What was that about how an Elephant Never Forgets?

Rep. John Campbell is working hard to recreate himself as this champion of exposing congressional earmarks, conventiently forgetting the vast number of earmarks he voted for and supported when the GOP held the majority in Congress.  The Congressman was on Hannity and Colmes last night.

Jon Fleischman’s Flash Report carried his story, which as a YouTube feed to the show.

Jon writes: As FR readers know, California Congressman John Campbell has become a leader for fiscal responsibility in the House of Representatives, bravely taking on the issue of egregious earmarks. We couldn’t be more proud of him, and take as a point of pride that he is a contributor and blogger on this website.

This obsession with wasteful pork has infected Congressman in a terrible way.

By all means, watch the show to see Congressman Campbell slapped down a few pegs by Alan Colmes.  At times, Campbell is tongue-tied.  I was astonished that this story was being promoted by the Flash Report when Colmes made Campbell look like kid caught cheating on a test.

I pinged Steve (third time is the charm) Young about the story.  Steve has the most extensive research into the details of all the pork Campbell has supported on the Hill.

Here’s what Steve had to say:  Old style Washington politics is alive and well in California’s 48th when John Campbell voted in 2006 for the $268 billion Republican budget buster bill without protest, and now howls about spending for the C Span cameras.  Maybe it’s sour grapes.  Campbell’s attacks on earmarks did not begin until after Campbell’s $1 million earmark for a water project was dropped from a House appropriations bill.  He even touts his “10 Earmarks Rules” as if he has moral ground to talk. 

No, it’s hypocrisy. 

Campbell attacking spending is like Larry Flint endorsing modesty. 


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  1. Andrew Davey
    August 10, 2007 at 7:01 pm

    What a hypocrite. Cheese louise, and Rep. Ken Doll (R-There’s Nothing There THERE) can’t even be relatively clever about it! I mean, his own record on supporting earmarks up through last year is online for everyone to see! What, did he forget that? Or does he think we’re just as out-of-tune with reality as he is?

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