Greenhut Gas

Over here at we really do enjoy the dialogue with Steven Greenhut over at the OCRegister, even if I can’t convince our spam filter that Steven’s comments aren’t really spam.  

Yes folks, he really does believe the stuff he writes, particularly over on the Orange Punch blog. With that in mind, and in recognition of the Orange Punch coverage of the flat-earther belief that global warming is a myth, I created the graphic below.

Greenhut Gas

Today Steven took us to task over our coverage of the Chriss Street scandals and the link between Supervisor John Moorlach, and his hand picked successor Treasurer Chriss Street.  The headline to his post reads Sticking to the union line.

I found this comment particularly funny; “They link to an old picture of Moorlach and Street back from the days when Chriss was assistant treasurer.”  It’s funny because we pulled the picture from Friday’s coverage of Chriss Street in the Register. Greenhut goes on to insinuate that we are misrepresenting Supervisor Moorlach’s position on Street’s troubles.

Now, I know that “gotcha” oftentimes replaces accuracy on some blogs, but the news stories I’ve read suggest that Moorlach is taking a non-commital approach to the scandal surrounding Street. Street is being investigated by the feds for his role in a bankruptcy deal back when he was in private industry. 

Steven you forget that these concerns were raised last year, heck you even linked to them in your April 26, 2006 post Street: Much ado about nothing on Orange Punch.  Moorlach had not problem at that time giving his full support to Chriss Street.  I do not accept Moorlach’s attempt to suddenly distance himself from Street now as being anything but a political ploy.

While I will admit that it is with some glee that I watch the troubles of the Treasurer, and that I am right up there at the front of the line wanting to Kick Chriss To The Street, we are not just “Sticking to the Union Line” here. I was on board with the concerns about the ethics of Mr. Street when he was running for Treasurer. My opinion has not changed. Chriss Street is a crook, to the core.  He is an arrogant waster of public funds.  I’m just waiting for the first round of unitemized expenses from his office for his Botox injections.

So Steven, thank you for your contribution to Global Warming today.

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  1. RHackett
    August 11, 2007 at 6:43 am

    Little Stevie is doing as much damage control as Moorlach on this one. He was championing Street just as hard as John. Both of them have their reps on the line for being intellectually lazy when it comes to supporting this candidate.

    The next leap of logic (and it isn’t a big one) is if they weren’t thorough about Street what else are they wrong about?

    Greenhut supports Street and Moorlach on an almost knee jerk reaction because of their similar dislike for unions.

  2. RHackett
    August 11, 2007 at 9:38 am

    This is an interesting post on the Orange Punch regarding Greenhut’s lack of criticism of Street.

    Very appropriate in that it only reinforces his intellectual laziness.

    A little bit soft, Steve. Anybody else and you would have been demanding their blood on the floor.

  3. HG Wells
    August 12, 2007 at 7:15 am

    The idea that Chriss Street is controlling our OC billions is very disturbing to me.

    It appears that in their zeal to bridle what they perceive as runaway employee’s unions, Greenhut and Moorlach have lost any objectivity in regards to Street’s legal/ethical problems.

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