This just in… Romney Unplugged

From our friends over at

CNN-Hamsher-Romney Our friend, Jane Hamsher from Firedoglake joined CNN’s Rick Sanchez and spokesman for the National Review, Jim Geraghty, to talk about GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his heated off air tussle (it starts about 10 minutes into the YouTube clip) last week during a break with a talk show host in Iowa. The host presses Romney about his flip flop on abortion, his religion and how he’s tried to distance himself from it during his campaign. Romney takes exception and goes off script during a break, not realizing the camera was still rolling. 

As always, Jane nails it on the head by pointing out that Romney and the other Republican candidates are in a bad position because they have to pander to their base on the issues of war, abortion and George Bush — all of which fall well outside the views of the majority of Americans. Great job as always, Jane… Click Here to view the CNN clip.