CA-42: The Weekly Dirt on Dirty Gary

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It’s been quite a wild week in the 42nd Congressional District. Ever since Ron Shepston announced that he’s running against Dirty Gary Miller, there have been quite some interesting developments that have occurred in the race to replace Dirty Gary. We’ve had the bloggers talk about going offline. We’ve had the California Democratic Party go online to announce its new website targeting Dirty Gary. We’ve heard rumors that a former Republican politician might reemerge to challenge Dirty Gary in the primary. Oh yes, and what did Ron say about John Kerry?

Follow me after the flip for all the latest dirt on Dirty Gary…


Part One: The Bloggers

The bloggers are coming out of the computer room. OK, so how do I know? The call has been made on Daily Kos. A few of my Kossack friends joined me at DFA Training last month, and they are ready to get the netroots involved in grassroots politics.

So what will come out of this? Hopefully, a whole lot of good work! I encourage our online friends, especially those of them in Southern California, to help us local activists in kicking some Dirty Gary arse and bringing some integrity back to the 42nd District!

Part Two: The Party

Nothing really prepared me for this. The California Democratic Party is actually doing something in the 42nd… And the 44th, as well as the 41st! It’s started the “Triangle of Corruption“, a web site that will keep track of all the dirty wrongdoings of Gary Miller, Ken Calvert, and Jerry Lewis. Way to go, CDP!

Part Three: The Other Challenger?

Oh my goodness, you just have to see this bit of salacious gossip that Art Pedroza included in this week’s “OC Political Chismes“! Apparently, there’s word out here that Lynn Daucher may run against Dirty Gary in the Republican Primary next June. Yes, you heard me right… Lynn Daucher!

So will Miss “Shopping for the Right District” end up running where she actually lives? I don’t know. Still, it would be nice to see Lynn run for office representing a place where she actually resides.

Part Four: The Candidate

Oh yes, and take a look at this, why dont you? No, Ron isn’t trying to take a jab at John Kerry. He’s just talking about how much the Daily Kos community contributes to Democratic victory. Go ahead and take another look at Ron’s latest Daily Kos diary… You might start thinking differently about “those crazy bloggers”.

Part Five: And Finally…

Here’s another rule that Dirty Gary broke! Cheese louise, he wore a hawaiian shirt inside the halls of Congress?! Not only does he have no respect for decorum, but he doesn’t even have any good taste! ; )

  3 comments for “CA-42: The Weekly Dirt on Dirty Gary

  1. August 2, 2007 at 1:32 am

    If those Triangle of Corruption dudes really want to do some good, they should figure out the penalties for a politician lying to the police about the circumstances under which he was discovered with a heroin-using convicted prostitute’s head in his lap.
    They also might want to look into just how involved Congressman Ken Calvert has been in pushing through the 241 toll-road extension, gaining the TCA exemptions from CA state law, and diverting taxpayer dollars to a project they keep assuring us is privately funded and won’t cost us a dime.
    That and Congressman Ken Calvert’s land deals.
    I kid, Congressman Ken Calvert. Thanks for getting me my first wikipedia reference, man. You rock. Keep up the good work and the jowls.

  2. Andrew Davey
    August 2, 2007 at 6:27 am

    Oh, but remember now… It wasn’t JUST Creepy Ken that pushed to throw our federal tax dollars all over the 241. I believe Dirty Gary was ALSO in on the action here! After all, Dirty Gary NEVER misses an opportunity to sell himself and his services to the highest bidder!

    Oh, and you got in Creepy Ken’s Wikipedia entry? How precious. At least he did something good. 😉

  3. Common Sense Citizen
    August 7, 2007 at 7:33 pm

    Run, Lynn Daucher Run!

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