Can Barbara Boxer Convince Republicans to Recognize the Climate Crisis?

“I believe that every senator on the trip came away believing that human activity causes warming.”


And Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Absolutely Fabulous) is telling The Register that the trip to Greenland helped her in convincing at least two Republicans that action must be taken NOW to stop the coming climate catastrophe. Although neither Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) nor Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) have signed up as cosponsors of the Boxer-Sanders Bill to combat climate change, they are at least admitting now that we humans are causing this crisis, and that we need to do something about it. Unfortunately, they’re not yet ready to commit to real action. But hey, at least they’re willing to say now that they’d like to do something.

I don’t see how any one can continue denying the scientific reality of climate change. I don’t know how any one can continue denying the reality that rest of the world has come to accept. But for some reason, there are still quite a few Republicans on Capitol Hill that want to continue denying reality. I guess that’s Senator Boxer’s real challenge. She must continue convincing more Republicans that there is a real problem before she will have enough votes for some real legislation to take on climate change.

So can she do it? I think so. After all, the deniers can only hide from reality for so long. Eventually, everyone had to accept that the world is round. Eventually, everyone is coming to accept that all life on earth evolved over an intricate multi-billion year process (OK, so we’re still working on that…). And eventually, everyone will need to accept the reality that we must do something to stop the coming climate catastrophe. Oh yes, and everyone will need to recognize this:

“I know I have a responsibility to move now to lessen the impacts of severe global warming.”

Yes, Senator Boxer. And so do your colleagues in Washington. And so do all the rest of us in this great nation.

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  1. Carl Overmyer
    July 30, 2007 at 10:40 pm

    Fact is Mars has had almost the same corresponding temp. increase. Gee did all of us do that too? Or might there be some common relationship here? The sun has fluctuations in output of both heat and radiation. Historically the climate of earth has been in constant change. The current cycle has been warming since the last ice age, way before we became such a pollution problem. While I will fully admit that we need to do a better job of maintaining some sort of equilibrium, the extreme measures that many purport will save our planet, may very well ruin us all. BTW Not all science is in lock step either. Between Gore and Moore I not at all sure who the bigger liar is. And, NO I’m not a Republican either.

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