Weekend Open Thread!

Wow, have we had a crazy week or what? We’ve talked about field offices, delayed budgets, naughty epithets mouthed by elected officials, and a crazy toll road to nowhere top everything off! What a week this was!

And after all this kooky wackiness, I needed a break! Today, I headed over to my favorite beach at Crystal Cove. As soon as the mercury hit 90, I PLUNGED into the ocean. For me, that’s the best way to beat the heat (and get some much-needed exercise).

So how do you like to beat the heat? Where do you like to escape after a week of hard work? And what do you think about everything that we’ve discussed here at The Liberal OC this week?

Oh yes, and do you have any plans to stop by the OC Fair this weekend? I’ll be there tomorrow and Sunday at the OC Democratic Party booth, along with all my friends from Obama OC. No matter which Presidential Candidate you’re supporting this year, please stop by and say hello! We’ll be more than happy to let you vote for whomever you want in the straw poll, and give you a cool fan and sweet lollipop for you to enjoy as you go on your merry way. Now does that sound fantastic, or what?

So what’s on your mind this weekend? Go ahead and tell us. You make our day whenever you fire away! 🙂