Earmark the Spot

This post on the Flash Report covers Rep. John Campbell’s fight against an earmark for Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York.

Mr. Flieschman opines:

We’re all very proud of Campbell who in his short time on Capitol Hill has garnered a reputation for being one of the most dogmatic fiscal watchdogs in Congress.

Fiscal watchfdog?  John Campbell?  Really? 

I pinged Steve Young, who’s hoping three times is a charm against Rep. Campbell.  



Steve has been taking notes on Mr. Campbell’s earmarks.  Here’s what he has to say:  Having listened to Mr. Campbell’s speech, I am reminded of Disraeli’s observation that “A Conservative government is an organized hypocrisy.”  Mr. Campbell does not oppose the $2 Million expenditure, rather he opposes putting Rep Rangle’s name on the building.  Mr. Campbell claims he is the “deficit hawk” but continues to support the borrow and squander policies of the right wing.
I offer as evidence, Mr. Campbell’s vote with the Republican majority last year to pass HR 5672.  This pork laden Republican bill included:
1.  $3 million for Operations of the Office on Right-Sizing the United States Government’s Overseas Presence (Could Mr. Campbell tell us what that means?);
2.  $1 million for Southern and Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development;
3.  $250,000 for the Montana World Trade Center;
4.  and several appropriations directly to the Bronx:
    a.  $300,000 for the Bronx Council for Marketing of Local Business Art Initiatives; and
    b.  $250,000 for the Bronx on-the-water Learning Program. 
I could go on, but these are sufficient to show my point.