The Obstructionists in Irvine, Sacramento and Washington

Republicans thump their chests constantly as the party of freedom when they really should lay claim to the party of obstruction.

 In Irvine, the Great Park Design Contract was finally approved by a 3-2 vote with obstructionists Christina Shea and Steven Choi voting no. 

My kids, my friends and neighbors are all looking forward to the opening of the Great Park before we’re grandparents, and these two continue to drag their feet at every turn.  Shea is upset because the PR contract was renewed; it should have been.  The coverage of the balloon launch was everywhere.  Frankly, Shea has been upset since she was the only person to vote against Ken Smith’s design team.  Choi feels they needed a recommendation from the Great Park Board and I’m hard pressed to see how this board would have voted differently.

Let’s move North where the Republican senate caucus is holding the state budget hostage while trying to get 15 Democrats to vote for cutting benefits to welfare families, homeless shelters and aid for those seeking naturalization services.  Heartless beancounters.

Back East, our Republican congressional delegation continues to support the president’s quagmire in Iraq by failing to hold an up or down vote on troop withdrawl or benchmarks for the Iraqi military, while being very pro-criminal in support of convicted Felons Scooter Libby and calling for the pro-criminal commutation of two convicted border control agents who shot an unarmed illegal alien and tried to cover up the evidence.  We are supposed to be a nation of laws, unless you’re a Republican and someone it doesn’t apply to you.

The Democrats are in each body are serious people trying to solve serious problems faced by real people.  I’m proud that my party is not a bunch of heartless obstructionists who place their own political interests ahead of the people.