And Ackerman fires back…

July 25, 2007

The Honorable Don Perata
Senate President pro Tempore
State Capitol, Room 205
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Senator Perata:

I just received your letter regarding tomorrow’s budget vote. To be clear, there was no agreement as to how we were going to proceed regarding the proposed budget. Your written letter does not follow your oral statements which consistently asked Senate Republicans to show you our reductions to bring the budget deficit to zero.

Based on instructions from your office we amended AB 191, which contains budget reductions that are supported by the entire Republican Caucus. At no time was there any consideration by the parties involved that our staff would rewrite the entire budget to meet Senate Republican criteria. The staff and time necessary for that task would be greater than the short deadline you requested, and your Caucus would probably not consider it.

We, therefore, expect the following tomorrow morning in this order:

1) Bring up for consideration AB 191
2) Take up for consideration AB 203
3) Action on all trailer bills currently at the desk including AB 204

Upon passage of all measures, I request that the Senate transmit them to the Assembly for approval and demand the Assembly’s immediate return.

If these actions do not occur, then we should return to constructive discussions to end this budget impasse.


Senator, 33rd District