Have Your Say on Last Night’s Presidential Debate!

Did you have a chance to see last night’s presidential debate? Wasn’t that something to behold? I especially loved the questions being asked. My favorite was probably the melting snowman asking about climate change, but there were many good runner-ups.

So what do you think about the CNN YouTube Debate? Did you find Hillary Clinton to be more than prepared to serve as Commander-in-Chief? Did you see the real substance behind Barack Obama’s great style? Did you like John Edwards’ YouTube video taking on “hair”? And what are your thoughts on the other candidates?

Oh yes, and what were your favorite video questions? The melting snowman? The two lesbians asking if they can marry each other? The crazy guy with his “baby” of a HUGE rifle? Or was there another video that you particularly appreciated? And did you appreciate the overall format of people submitting questions via YouTube? Was this American Democracy in action, or infotainment run amok?

I guess I could just tell you what I think, but I really want to know what YOU think. So you know what to do now. Go ahead. Make my day. Fire away! 😉