Weekend Roundup & Open Thread

Wow! Has this been one crazy week, or what? Ron Shepston announced that he’s running for Congress against Dirty Gary Miller. FlashReport had a piece on how Yearly Kos and JetBlue are supposedly part of the grand conspiracy of “leftwing kooks” to destroy America. Southern California grocery workers finally got a contract, and so did the OCTA bus drivers. Oh yes, and Jon Fleischman called us all whores. One crazy week, indeed!

So now what? We have a tough fight ahead of us in the 42nd, but one that’s definitely winnable. The US Open of Surfing kicks off in our very own Surf City, USA. Oh yes, and we have DFA Training beginning TOMORROW! I guess the wild week isn’t quite over yet.

So what do YOU want to talk about tonight? DFA Training? That big surfing contest in Huntington Beach? Ron Shepston? Dirty Gary Miller? Your own plans for the weekend. Consider this YOUR thread where you can talk about whatever’s catching your attention.

Go ahead. Make my day. Fire away! 😉