Watching Too Much O’Reilly

Mike Spence over at the Flash Report is someone I actually enjoy reading.  He usually sticks to the facts without dipping into name-calling.  Until yesterday’s post about “Jet Blue and Useful Idiots.” 

Mike writes: The YearlyKos Convention is a collection of leftwing kooks and spoon benders that represent the real crazy part of the Democratic Party. Their sponsors include the usual suspects like the NEW, SIEU, and of course the publicly traded JetBlue airlines.

A producer from the O’Reilly Factor recently confronted the CEO of JetBlue and read a sampling of some of the comments to blog posts on KOS and pressed to see if JetBlue subscribed to this thinking. O’Reilly called KOS hate speech and likened it to the Nazis and KKK (how is that louffa holding up for you Bill?). 

Mike, JetBlue is going after eyeballs here.  The DailyKOS gets about 500,000 peaks a day on the Internet and its readers spend money on causes they believe in and on things like airline tickets.

Besides, didn’t the batshit conservative right just have its own CPAC convention featuring Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Grover Norquist and the like?  And aren’t these same batshit conservatives coming to Newport Beach in a few months for the Western CPAC conference?  Are these the people you prefer to associate with?  I have some tinfoil for you to make a hat out of.


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  1. Aunt Millie
    July 18, 2007 at 4:37 am

    Reality is going to catch up with these losers on the fringe of the wreck that used to be the Republican party. Seventy per cent of the American public agree with the leftwing kooks and spoon benders that represent the real crazy part of the Democratic Party..

    And by the way, if you attended Yearly Kos, you would have seen that this crazy group was highly educated, middle-aged, with many fiscal conservatives, veterans, and former Republicans.

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