Feeling Sick About Seeing a Friend in the Hospital

I’m in Huntington Beach right now, and the sun is now coming out. I should be happy now, but I’m not. One of my good friends from Obama OC is in the hospital right now.

Jeez, I hate seeing friends and family in the hospital. I could just feel my grandmother’s pain when she had to stay in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. It’s just so frustrating to see such strong, lively people weakened by illness.

Now sometimes, this just has to happen. My friend Gregg from Obama OC is undergoing chemotherapy for his cancer. Grandma is a 92 year-old diabetic woman with dementia. They’re frail, and especially susceptible to the slightest of mishaps.

But still, I think to myself that something can be done to change this. Something must be done to change this. Why aren’t there better treatments for cancer? Why must Grandma lose her memory and her livelihood so damn quickly? Is there something about our health care system that can be changed to allow better preventive care? I sthere something we can do to at least prevent people from being bankrupted due to the high cost of health care in this nation?

I don’t know what I can do right now. I just know that I don’t like seeing my friends ans family in the hospital sick. And I don’t even want to think of the folks who can’t even get the care that my friends and family are “lucky” enough to get.