A Lowe Poll we’d like to see

Over at TotalBuzz, Peggy Lowe has been running polls.  Simple questions really.  If the First District election was held today, who would you support: Janet or Trung?  And if the election were today, would you vote for Mike Carona or not?

Heck I voted in the First District poll and I don’t live in the first district.

So, which President Bush’s numbers at 29 percent and Dick Cheney’s numbers at 13 percent, there are two polls I’d like to see Peggy run (she gets more traffic than we do).

If you could vote all over again, who would you select for President: George W. Bush or John Kerry?

If you could, who would you vote for: George W. Bush or Bill Clinton?

I’m not getting into Reagan scenarios because the man is dead.