Live on CNN: Michael Moore slams Wolf Blitzer

Michael Moore - SICKOI wrote on Monday morning SICKO: We’re the leaders of the free world, but… about Michael Moore’s new movie SICKO.  My friend Toni emailed me in the afternoon to suggest that I try to see the interview of Michael Moore by Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s Situation Room today.

Toni has been a friend of mine since 1985.  She is 76 years old (young) and struggling to get by on social security, Medicare, and living in “affordable housing” in San Juan Capistrano.  To say that the issue of Health Care is of great importance to her is a gross understatement.  Her message was simple and to the point…

Chris; if you can see the CNN; Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer — he interviewed Michael Moore — and Moore didn’t give an inch — was angry (didn’t give an inch -God Bless him) at the way news media treat the important topic of health care — see if there is anything you can report on your blog.  Toni

So imagine my pleasure at seeing Brad Friedmans’ post in our “Liberal Launching Pad” regarding the interview. Brad writes:

We just saw Michael Moore’s Sicko tonight in St. Louis, and so were pleased to return to our current home base, to find RAW STORY’s video coverage of Moore’s long overdue smack down with Wolf Blitzer and CNN from earlier this afternoon.

Go watch it. If only for Moore’s taking Blitzer and his network to task for helping us into the endless and idiotic Iraq quagmire.

(After checking out the video, you can send your thoughts to CNN here.)

Thank you, Michael. Again.

So Toni, thanks for tipping me off to the interview. Brad, thanks for posting the coverage from Raw Story on Brad Blog, and RAW Story thanks for getting the story up and out there quickly.