Who Knew a Prius Could Do 100 MPH?

In case you haven’t heard, Al Gore III was arrested in Orange County early Wednesday morning doing 100 MPH in a Prius.  Law enforcement got a whiff of the illegal version of Chuck DeVore’s favorite plant, and discovered a small amount of marijuana and a variety of prescription drugs without a prescription attached.  Gore was arrested in Maryland in 2003 on drug charges as well.

So on the speeding and posession charges, let’s do something novel here and make sure Mr. Gore, a young adult, pay for the penalties associated with the charges.  A fine, community service and jail time if the crimes warrant it. 

But from my mailbox, and from Adam Probolsky’s posts at OCBlog and Flash Report (what, no party invites Adam?), those on the right are just a tad gleeful at this news. Probolsky’s posts “Al Gore III, a one man party in OC” and “Even Prius Owners Have Fun Too” make me wonder what kind of parties this guy hits. and what sort of “refreshments” he is used to seeing? 

But that all said, Gore III should be treated no differently than US Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) who crashed his car in DC last year. 

But Gore’s arrest with prescription drugs is hardly trendsetting.  Rush Limbaugh received treatment for a known addication to prescription painkillers (and ironically, the talk show host received help from the ACLU for steps to protect the privacy of his medical records. 

Then there’s Noelle Bush, the niece of the president and daughter of Jeb who was arrested for trying to fill a forged script for Xanix in 2002 and was arrested again later in 2002 for posession of cocaine inside a drug treatment center. 

Jenna and Barbara Bush got a slap on the wrist for underage drinking.    Jenna Bush was cited for underage drinking in an Austin bar in April of 2001; she later pleaded no contest and was sentenced to community service and alcohol awareness classes. A second incident occurred on 30 May 2001, when both girls were cited by police after attempting to buy drinks at an Austin restaurant. Another brouhaha occurred in July of 2002, when the Washington Post reported that the girls were spotted (but not cited for) drinking in a Washington, D.C. bar.  Gore should get the same treatment the Bush girls got.

Of course, President Bush was 30 when arrested for drunk driving in Maine in 1976.  Vice president Cheney was arrested for drunk driving twice in an 8-month period in Wyoming during the early 1960s.  But when these cases came to light, no glee from the GOP, but anger over the timing of such news just before an election.

I think Al Gore III should pay every penalty the law requires of him for speeding and posession.  I also think its a shame he has already spent more time in jail than Scooter Libby has.

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  1. PSU
    July 6, 2007 at 10:38 pm

    Any truth to the rumor that AL3 was coming from a party at an unnamed Young Dem’s newly aquire beach party house?

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