Watch Live Earth Concerts This Saturday

Music can be so powerful and moving that it can bring people together to fight for a certain cause, spread awareness about some unknown issue, and feel like a difference can be made. At least that is what is hoped for when the first ever Live Earth benefit goes off on the lucky date of July 7, 2007 or 7/7/07.

Eight concerts will be held simultaneously in eight different parts of the world, all within this single day. There will be over 100 musical artists performing, all spreading the word about the climate crisis and the need to find a solution fast.Live Earth

A project of the SOS Campaign, it is also made possible with the likes of Live 8 Founder Kevin Wall, Former Vice President Al Gore, and other green groups who got together to plan and organize this event.

Although Orange County isn’t anywhere near the closest venue this is taking place – ahem, New York City – all concerts will be broadcast through all media outlets. To watch online go to

For more information about this event or how you can help combat global warming, go to