The Satire Driven Life



I’ve been reading The Satire-Driven Life: The Best of  It is a compilation of the first 50 issues of and will be released tomorrow, July 4th. 

From the blurb on the book:

Since January 2005, Orange County has endured the intermittent wrath of, the brutally insightful and often hilarious site known as “Orange County’s Original News Fabricator.” In this fantastic, 213-page literary train wreck, you’ll get the best of’s first 50 uproarious issues, every one of which has been pulled from the site forever in a desperate attempt to bolster the sales of this ridiculous book.

The website isn’t the funniest thing on the web, but it could quite possibly be the funniest local site out there. A lot of the humor on their site is contrived, but there are a few hidden gems.

I really enjoyed the article on Loretta Sanchez’s cat Gretsky going to rehab for a substance abuse problem.“Gretzky, a registered Republican, describes a decadent, taxpayer-subsidized lifestyle that fed his increasingly finicky desires.”

There’s also a picture taken at a Tan Nguyen press conference where you can see the back of my friend Ed’s head.

The book can be purchased through the