With Friends Like Those, No Wonder GOP in Trouble

There’s a post by Jon Fleschman over on Flash Report this morning again referencing what a great guy former Congressman Richard Pombo is, in Jon’s view, of course.  Another, “oh trust me.  I know him.”  I almsot want to add, “he’s a GoodFella.”  Where is Ray Liotta when you need him?

Jon writes: I’ve known Richard Pombo since before he ever a Congressman.  He’s a great guy, with a lot of integrity, and there isn’t a dishonest bone in his body.  That said, by the time the onslaught against him was over in Congressional District 11 last November, Pombo was out of office because of a lot of accusatory voter communication that made it out like Richard was tainted by a rather iffy connection to the now-imprisoned Jack Abramoff.  Pombo is a great example of how it is perception, not reality that often times matters the most in the arena of politics.”

Here, in the reality-based community, Former Rep. Pombo’s hands are not nearly as clean as Jon would like to think.  Below, you’ll find an excellent post from the folks at  Beyond Delay (http://www.beyonddelay.org)

Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA)

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  1. June 29, 2007 at 11:21 am

    Come visit TheVerifiableTruth.com (http://www.theverifiabletruth.com/search/label/Richard%20Pombo) and you’ll see how Rep. Pombo was tied up with Detroit Casino Syndicators (the same people who own the Tigers, Red Wings and Little Caesars Pizza) … a relationship that few have focused on, with the exception of a July 2005 All Star Game controversy that mad headlines for a week. Snobs on both coasts have been blind to the significance of the relationship because they think Detroit is just some wasteland or as Forbes has published America’s great ghost town.

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