More Thin Skinned Republicans

I don’t know about you, but I’m really enjoying the crap going on with CRP these days.  You know its so bad its good when Jay Leno starts taking pot shots at California Republicans who find it hard to admit a mistake.  And when they do admit a mistake, they want it swept under the rug as fast as possible.

The Flush Report

Here’s Jon Fleischman’s Flash Report post. Jon wants Reeps to “get over it” but I keep seeing Rodney King asking “can’t we all juts get along?”

The one benefit of seven years of Bush rule is that it has given those of us on the left a tougher hide.  Yes, we’ll bristle at certain criticisms, but we are not going to take it from them any longer.  I have no sympathy for people who cry when a mudball hits them in the chest while they have mud on their hands, having just slung it.

Just get over it Jon; oh no.  This isn’t over yet.

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  1. Orange County Republican Centrist and Schwartzeneggar supporter
    June 29, 2007 at 8:55 am

    The best comments are those left by fellow Republicans who can think and have the big picture in mind. Here is the link:

    Hanrattey’s running commentary will be interesting to follow. As for Fleischman and Jubal/ Cunningham and their respective websites, what I find interesting in both are the actions (OR LACK THEREOF) and running commentary (OR LACK THEREOF) by both individuals. Their comments that this is a minor blip and that all will be in order and that this was a breakdown in the ethics of the individuals is, on its face, amazing and unbelievable. Neither has any credibility to any great degree. And I work in Sacramento.

    Lets review the Cal history-Jerry Lewis-John Doolittle-Richard Pombo-Gary Miller-what is consistent, excepting Miller, who is just stupid, are the themes: Republican Congressmen-Grover Norquist-Jack Abramoff-and these are only the California congressmen under investigation for ties to Norquist and Abramoff-now you add Nehring-Mathews-Kamburowski to the mix-the thematic players dont change-Abramoff-Norquist-Americans for Tax Reform-are we seeing a picture here? What I also find amazing is that not one Republican member of the legislature has commented on these dispicable elements-Could it be that they all remember the day several weeks ago when they all met with Grover Norquist to sign a “no new tax pledge” with one exception: Roger Niello who refused to go along with such nonsense saying that he didnt play such games. I’ll bet that Nehring and Kamburowski where there in Sacto with their ex-mentor Norquist. Could it be that the deafening silence on the part of the Republican caucus is the result of a memory jog of that day?

    Kudos to Carla Marinucci and the SF Chronicle for the current and hopefully expanded expose, to Tim Morgan and Jim Hartman who have exposed the internal smell, and to the many moderate and centrist republicans out there who are frustrated at being marginalized by these NeoKlan thugs.

    And Jubal, make sure that when you wear your sheets, that they are standard Klan issue white-dont use the Servite emblem-for it was when I went there many years before and I believe still is-I suggest that you call the US Supreme Court in DC and talk to their Operations people-Im sure that they can provide you with the name of the tailor that Rehnquist hired to come up with those hideous looking black robes with gold stripes-not standard court issue and a Rehnquist thing. Im sure that they would be happy to help a fellow NeoKlan like you.

    You and Fleischmann could then have your own Blog robe-just make sure that you both use the pointed KKK hat.
    Let us know when and where your secret initiation ceremonies are going to be held. Im sure that you could use the Mater Dei gym and basketball court (and probably get their coaching staff to help you organize this when they are not involved up to their eyeballs in their legal problems. BTW, Cunningham, invest in a basic college english composition class:your writing leaves much to be desired at times.

    As an advisory group, I would suggest getting the California Republican Congressman (and former-Pombo is itching to participate) now under investigation by the Justice Department (see list above)- I would suggest that you call yourselves the CALIFORNIA NEOKLAN REPUBLICANS FOR CHANGE-your letterhead logo should include the statement: “Where greed is king, white is right, and personal and professional ethics are unnecessary”.
    Most assuredly, you will be a big hit.

    Im sure that now is not the time to be concerned with this as you and Fleischman are trying desparately to figure out how to prevent any further embarassing revelations about the CRP-Nehring must go (based not only on this situation but on his previous shenanigans in San Diego involving the SDRCC before he became chair) if the CRP is to function in a credible manner-and for that matter so should members who supported this decision

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