A Scandal-Driven Presidency

I note digs against John Edwards’ $400 haircuts or Al Gore’s carbon offsets from my friendson the Right all the time.  One o my more conservative pals recently told me, with a straight face, that the TravelGate scandal of the Clinton administration was far worse than the firing of US attornies for failing a political loyalty test.

But where is a resource that tracks all of the scandals from Bush-Cheney 1 and II? 

Please spend some time with this excellent website that fully documents the many scandals of the Bush Administration.

Lots of third party backup.

And remember, whoever claims the GOP nomination is going to have to defend the record of the Bush-Cheney administration to a certain degree.

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  1. June 27, 2007 at 10:09 am


    There are many Republicans who are just so blinded by their ideology they cannot think straight. Lines of right and wrong become blurred by their rabid partisanship, it is scary. My old Catholic Youth Minister is a prime example of this. Many of the Biola University crowd are prime examples of this.

    You can read more in my Ignorance to Enlightenment Series at Orange Juice. Part 3 is up now.

  2. Susan Freeze
    June 27, 2007 at 10:31 am

    An Executive order is signed to be sure the executive branch complies with National Archives and is following appropriate secrity protocals. It did not exempth the VP or the Pres.

    I do not know if anyone read yesterday’s LA Times. This article is precisely why replacing Republican Federal Prosecuters who understand the spirit of the US Department of Justice (Lam) with Republican Party operatives (Griffin)who want a single party rule, ‘Republican Century’. Just check it out here:


    Lam got fired for proscecuting Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham and investigating the fallout on other CA Republican Congressmen. Rove buddy Griffen resigned his position after it was found out he was in the illegal practice of ‘caging’ votes prior to his reward – ooops, I mean appointment.

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