Another Where’s The Outrage Question

I’ve noticed that at virtually every Vietnamese Community rally, there is a preponderance of South Vietnamese flags flying everywhere.  When I drive through Little Saigon, I see far more South Vietnamese flags than U.S. flags on display.  Now I wouldn’t usually see this as a problem as I respect the desire of immigrants to maintain their sense of pride in their country of origin.  Where I have a problem is the apparent double standard applied by some when they speak of Latino immigrant activists.

Here is an example of what I mean.  From Lurk on OCBlog on March 28, 2006…

Nativo Surfaces

Larry Lopez is at it again.  I read earlier that Art Pedroza knew this malcontent dirtball was behind at least some of the protests, general lawlessness and truancy seen all over southern California the last few days.  Larry’s not only encouraging student walkouts, but also wants the parents to go along.

Larry needs to go play in the traffic himself.  Here’s a segment from KFI’s John and Ken Show this aft (Ken only) where their reporter Eric Leonard identifies Larry as one of the instigators.  Leonard’s their best news guy, and his stuff is mostly toward the end of the clip.  Listen here.

Update: From the indispensable Michelle Malkin’s website (hipped by Bill Handel), check out flag raising in nearby Whittier.

Posted by Lurk on March 28, 2006 at 06:08 PM

Or this…

Michael SavageDuring the March 27,2006 edition of his nationally syndicated radio program, Michael Savage repeatedly called on his listeners to “burn the Mexican flag” in opposition to illegal immigrants. Savage claimed that the only way to combat the onslaught of illegal immigrants is through protest and asked his audience to “[b]urn a Mexican flag for America, burn a Mexican flag for those who died that you should have a nationality and a sovereignty, go out in the street and show you’re a man, burn 10 Mexican flags, if I could recommend it. Put one in the window upside down and tell them to go back where they came from!” Savaged added that, “If I were more than one man — and I’m not, I’m only a radio host –I would organize a march this week where we would burn Mexican flags in the street. Then I would like to see how our hard-working brethren would react, our friends from the south. Let’s see how they would react.” Savage also referred to the immigration problem as “an invasion by any other name,” in which “we, the people, are being displaced by the people of Mexico.” Click on his image above to listen to Savage’s comments.

So if it is wrong for Latino immigration activists to display the Mexican flags at their protests, why is it okay for South Vietnamese activists to display the South Vietnamese flag as shown below?

St. Regis Protest

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  1. Aunt Millie
    June 25, 2007 at 6:48 am

    And what’s with the South Vietnamese flag flying at the same height as the American flag in the medians of major streets in Garden Grove and Westminster.

    There’s something distinctly unpatriotic about seeing a flag or a foreign nation being given equal treatment to Old Glory.

    I guess it’s just more IOKIYAR.

    I’m wondering when the Vietnamese community is going to figure out that most of the Presidential candidates have signed on to the move to make English the official language, a move that could bar printing of election materials in languages other than English.

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