Trung, please stop. You’re embarrassing yourself!

It takes a lot for me to agree with Steven Greenhut.  It doesn’t happen often, but some days it does.  Today is one of those days.

Pillow FightH/T to Thomas Gordon at Orange Juice for calling my attention to Steven’s post on Orange Punch.

Enough already!
From Steven Greenhut:

Here are reports on OCBlog and Total Buzz about Trung Nguyen supporters’ latest legal action against Supervisor Janet Nguyen. This is enough already. Trung lost by a razor-thin margin, but such is life. These efforts strike me as an abuse of the legal system for political purposes. If Trung feels wronged, he should gear up to run for her seat, which will be up next summer — given that the special election only filled the remainder of Lou Correa’s term as he vacated the seat for the Senate.

Thomas posted on Orange Juice Blog my favorite quote of the day:

Trung still thinks he can win“It’s over, Janet won, get a hobby Trung”

Trung, please give it a rest.  You cannot kill Janet’s political future with this type of political theater.  Please, focus on challenging her in June so that the central Orange County Democrats can get the First District Supervisor Seat back. 

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you think you can, you will never defeat her with a strategy of “Death By a Thousand Cuts.”

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