Anti-immigrant group’s leader is secretly white

Anti-immigrant groups hope that nobody notices their overwhelmingly white membership because they’ve pushed all of their minority members into the spotlight.

“We’re not racist,” they chant. “Maria and Juan are our friends. We can’t possibly be racist and have Mexican friends.”

And then last week this story hits. A man going by “Tim Binh” was the spokesman for the California-based group Vietnamese for Fair Immigration…but it turns out that Binh is not his real last name. He was just using the Vietnamese surname—he’s actually a white dude named Tim Brummer.

Tim Brummer (aka Tim Binh)Here’s how Wonkette reported it:

Tim Brummer has been going by the surname “Binh” in his capacity as spokesman for the California-based group Vietnamese for Fair Immigration. Brummer, of course, isn’t Vietnamese, though he is anti-immigration, so his group’s name is like a quarter accurate.

It turns out that Brummer isn’t the only one starting minorities-against-immigrant groups in this country. I should be outraged, but I guess this is a step forward for the anti-immigrant folks; now the xenophobes are learning to be a little multi-cultural.