Is this Parody or Hate Speech?

A time honored tradition at Fox News is to pose absurd statements that rag on the left but they do it in the form of a question.

“Would a Democratic win in 2008 be a win for Terrorists?”  Stuff like that.

In that time honored Fox News tradition, I’m posting this clip from You Tube.  Is it humorous parody or hate speech? (and for my right wings friends, please see clips of Fox’s “Half-Hour News Hour Show” and let me know if you consider that Pardoy or Hate Speech.

[ev type=”youtube” data=”KmLJDrsaJmk”][/ev]

  2 comments for “Is this Parody or Hate Speech?

  1. June 4, 2007 at 10:57 pm

    With the Republicans in this Country and some Democrats – a win for the Terrorists might be a good thing!

    I’m voting for the terrorists in the next election, not once have I ever been bothered by a Terrorist – Osam Bin Laden – or a Muslim.

    Now you can ask me how I’d answer that questions if it were a Christian – Catholic – or a Jew.

    Let’s see now, Jerry Falwell [RIP] hated me because I’m Gay, the Catholic Priest probably molested me, and the Business Man Jew, overcharged me at the Cash Register.

    Who are you votin’ for next time…

    My name is Dave Harvey and my Anti-spam word was Civil union.

    There is a suitable for framing image on my wesite of “Papucho” the Tax and Spend Public Safety Watchdog – me and two of the Irvine Police Department’s Finest, just download and print or set as your wallpaper…

  2. June 5, 2007 at 5:42 am

    This clip is hilarious. I love it.

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