Doom Doom and Gloom Gloom for the Boom Boom

(Hat Tip to Peggy Lowe at the Total Buzz for this one)

The landmark gay bar and hotel in Laguna Beach, The Boom Boom Room, has been doomed for months. Its fate seemed hopeless until 10 days ago when the new owner, who had planned to turn the location into a boutique/restaurant, officially put the property back on the market and moved his idea to another city.

Now the Save The Boom folks are trying to capture the attention of Brad Pitt and George Clooney. They are placing this add in tomorrow’s Daily Variety:

Save The Boom George Clooney and Brad Pitt

The press release by the Save The Boom people had this to say:

“The Gay Community of Laguna Beach is being thrown out into the Pacific Ocean and we are looking for some help from our friends,” said Bob Gentry, former Laguna Beach Mayor and City Councilman and Co-Chair of SAVE the BOOM!!!! “We have been talking to lots of potential buyers over the past several months and we thought we would try this bold approach to appeal to these thoughtful and caring stars.”

The ad states, “Both of you are true leaders in human and civil rights. Over 100 years of gay history that the Boom represents is a stake in Laguna Beach.”

It was reported 10 days ago that the property was officially put up for sale. Mr. Udvar-Hazy purchased the oceanfront hotel and bar built in 1927 in the fall of 2005. He and his architects have been working with city planners to convert the gay hotel and bar into a boutique hotel and upscale restaurant. A Los Angeles realtor reported that Mr. Udvar-Hazy was planning to take his hotel and restaurant concept to another city in Orange County.

“When we first found out that our landmark bar was about to close, we got organized and decided to fight its closure,” said Fred Karger, founder of SAVE the BOOM!!!. “The landmark Boom Boom Room was set to close last Labor Day (2006), but Mr. Udvar-Hazy was very helpful and gave us a one year reprieve. With Labor Day 2007 rapidly approaching, we figured we’d see if these great stars would come help the gay community down here in Laguna.”

“The citizens of and visitors to Laguna Beach are behind us,” added Karger. “We gathered 6,000 signatures on petitions to SAVE the BOOM!!! in just 3 months last summer. The petitions were asking the Mayor and the City Council to help us. Our cries for help have been heard. Now we are appealing to George Clooney and Brad Pitt to Please Help Save the BOOOM – Forever!!!.”

My prediction is that the advertisement is a waste of money. What do you think, will Clooney and Pitt valiantly swoop in and save the gay landmark?

  2 comments for “Doom Doom and Gloom Gloom for the Boom Boom

  1. Dan Chmielewski
    June 5, 2007 at 11:34 am

    maybe we can get Chuck DeVore to hold his next fundraiser at the Boom Boom room?

  2. SMITH
    June 12, 2007 at 1:08 pm

    My grandfather built the Coast Inn in 1927. My father sold it in 1978. He sold it to my growing up play mate who is gay. Prior to 29 years ago the Coast Inn was loved by many. The military sought it out as “home away from home” and nick named the bar as the “boom boom” room. As you can see, the rumor of the establishment as a gay community is unfounded. I am sure gays as well as many others enjoyed the bar and the hotel but only a few at best.

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