Total Buzz on Loretta/Fundraising Event and some words about Cub Scouts

This courtesy of Martin Wisckol and Total Buzz which will hopefull put this matter to rest.  

Wylie AitkenCommentary from Wylie Aitken, president of the Demcoratic Foundation, on why Pelosi and Sanchez didn’t attend county fundraiser last month.

But what got me was this line is Aitken’s note to Marty:

“You noticed I did not bash Matt Cunningham whom I’ve known since he was a Cub Scout. He’s just misguided.”

There’s a concept; Matt Cunningham as a webelo. 

Readers of this blog might be surprised that I am a former cubmaster for the cub scout pack at Canyon View Elementary in Irvine.  Given my support for my gay and lesbian friends to marry, I always viewed the “morally straight” part of the Scout Oath as “be a good person.”  Change from within my friends.  

As far as I know, none of the kids in my pack or my den are gay (three are Eagle Scouts now and I am very proud of them) and none of their parents were either.  But even if they were, what does it have to do with camping, hunting for fossils, learning first aid, knot tying, archery, the Pinewood Derby or planting trees in the neighborhood?  Nothing. 

We did talk about tolerance a lot.  I had kids who were Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish..and some who were just “spiritual” so the goal was respect for one another and respect for one’s own self.  Now if I could only get this scout stuff out of my garage…..


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  1. June 1, 2007 at 9:33 pm

    Actually, Wylie has known me since high school. His son Darren and I have been friend since our Servite days.

    Wylie is a terrific, gracious gentleman for whom I have great respect and affection. He may be a liberal, but more importantly he’s an Irishman.

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