Fred Thompson Jumping In

The Washington Post is reporting today that former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson has formed an exploratory committee to run for president.  Thompson all but announced at a recent appearance in OC at a Lincoln Club dinner.

While Thompson isn’t the preferred former Tennessee senator in the race, it will be fun to watch social conservatives deal with this candidacy.

Conservatives rail on Hollywood but always seem to embrace any member of the Hollywood set that jumps to the right; Reagan, Arnold, Dennis Miller, Ted Nugent, Ron Silver and others….

Thompson’s current wife, who looks like a much older Brittany Spears, is younger than his oldest daughter.  And the right wing crucified Hillary Clinton as first lady. 


Thompson declined to run for Senate last time out; fatigue is a reason often given.  He was quoted as saying he didn’t enjoy the 14-16 hour days of sitting around and voting.  If that’s the case, how will he deal with the 24/7/365/4 job that is the presidency. 

Thompson’s voting record in the Senate is less than the conservative ideal.

Thompson was a strong supporter of campaign finance reform legislation routinely despised by social conservatives.

Thompson is a flip flopper on abortion.  A 1994 story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal said that Thompson was “basically pro-choice on abortion.” A 1994 AP story called Thompson a “pro-choice defender in a party with an anti-abortion tilt.”

But on Fox News, Thompson said he is “pro-life” and called Roe v. Wade “bad law and bad medical science.”

The specualtion is Thompson doesn’t have much of an organization, a track record for raising the kind of money you need to in order to run for president, or Ronald Reagan’s optimism.  He is a much better actor than Dutch by far though.

I keep saying, a Ham Sandwich running against any Republican candidate is a better candidate for president.  This would include Mr. Law and Order himself.   

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  1. demmother
    May 31, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    My theory is since the Republican Party is so full of bad actors, it has to turn to Hollywood for a real one to sell their phony balony policies.

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